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We have created a *FREE* version of the flashFacts. Even if you have not bought a subscription, you can now browse through the entire database - over 7,000 review cards in total. The free version is limited to showing only ten cards at a time.

Written by NDs for NDs

All flashfacts and questions in the mcqZone have been written by NDs and tested by ND candidates. The material has been specifically selected for students writing step one or step two of the NPLEX.

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To help ND students from across North America prepare for and realize their career ambitions by providing effective test preparation for the NPLEX Part I and II.

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"NDOLC is a great resource that helped solidify the information I studied and kept me interested in the materials. It's also a great way to avoid the monotony of NPLEX studying!"

- Dr. Katie Branter, ND

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